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the "f2.8 mistake"- lomogallery 22 & 23
date: january 2001

Majority of this roll was shot on f2.8 at 1/60. The aperture selection lever on the LOMO has a range of f-stop settings, which at the bottom is the "A" setting- auto exposure. All other f-stops are meant  for flash photography with a preset speed of 1/60th. Well, if you are not careful, the lever switch might get bump up one notch to f2.8, the next setting from "A". Both are so close apart, you can't tell if the lever has moved up a notch unless you look closely. Well, it's a good mistake/discovery after all because the images aren't being exposed thoroughly, so it has a bit different blurriness to it; I thought they looked dreamy in a nice way.

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